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High School

White County High School

267 Allen Dr.

Sparta, TN 38583

(931) 836-3214


Football, softball, volleyball, baseball, basketball, golf, tennis, soccer and track are available. Organized sports are also available at the middle and elementary schools. A recreation park that adjoins the campus has enriched the athletic and physical education opportunities. The park has a lighted running track, four tennis courts, three multipurpose courts, six horseshoe stations, volleyball courts and a baseball batting cage.


Middle School

White County Middle School

300 Turntable Rd.

Sparta, TN 38583

(931) 738-9238


Elementary Schools

Bon De Croft Elementary K-5

8095 Crossville Hwy.

Sparta, TN 38583

(931) 935-2359


Cassville Elementary School K-5

261 Will Thompson Rd.

Sparta, TN 38583

(931) 761-2277


Doyle Elementary School K-5

174 West Gooseneck Rd.

Doyle, TN 38559

(931) 657-2287