Grant Announcement

We would like to thank all of the applicants for participating in this opportunity but determining the recipients of this grant was a difficult decision and was based on many factors. Unfortunately, the City of Sparta and the Chamber of Commerce are unable to award each applicant. We are hopeful that this grant will be a success and that we may be able to present it again in the near future.


Congratulations to

Roy & Gwen Johnson-16 E Bockman Way

Lori Hatcher- 14-16 Liberty Sq

Maryangela Rippberger- 12 Liberty Sq

Ray & Jeannie Shafer – 9 E. Maple St

Luke Trovarelli – 10 W Bockman way

Jongee Cheek – 18 E Bockman Way

Marla Murry – 33 W Bockman Way

Michael Kress – 8 E Bockman Way

Donnie Daniels – 109-111 W Bockman Way