Sanitation Department

Photo of garbage truck


The Sanitation Department is a division of the Public Works Department, and is responsible for garbage removal inside the City limits, including 2,200 garbage cans, 165 dumpsters and the transfer station located at S. Carter Street. It is also responsible for the brush pick-up service that the City provides to its citizens.


The Sanitation Department ensures that the citizens of Sparta will enjoy the convenience of safe and efficient garbage and brush removal, and is also responsible for the compliance with environmental regulations regarding waste disposal.


Contact: Superintendent Gideon McCurry

Phone: 931-738 2281

Address: P.O. Box 468, 545 E. Bockman Way, Sparta TN 38583

Click here to download the Refuse and Trash Disposal codes.


Section 17-202 Has been amended by the following

Effective October 1, 2016, the City of Sparta’s Sanitation Fees are as follows:



Residential Cart:  $12/month



Dumpster Monthly Rentals remain unchanged.

1-4 carts, once a week pick-up:                     $12.00 per cart / mo.

1-4 carts, twice a week pick-up:                     $24.00 per cart / mo.


6 yard container:                                           $14.00 per pick-up

Plus a monthly rental fee for the 6 yd container: $15.00 / month


8 yard container:                                            $14.00 per pick-up

Plus a monthly rental fee for the 8 yd container:  $20.00 / month


Extra unscheduled pick-ups:                             $28.00 per pick-up


For the new Sanitation Rates click on the Ordinance & Policy Tab