Sparta PD receives more than $11k for drug fund

Funds dispersed by Drug Enforcement Agency

By Pamela Claytor
Staff Writer
Published: Monday, April 14, 2014 7:15 AM CDT


After closing a major case, many times that is the end of the line for law enforcement. Sometimes, however, there is a major payoff, as is the case recently for the Sparta Police Department.

According to Police Chief Jeff Guth, the department received $11,552.11 from the Drug Enforcement Agency on April 7 from a case Investigator Allen Selby worked several years ago.

According to Guth, when law enforcement agencies work cases with the federal government, any recovered drug funds are distributed to the contributing law enforcement agencies in equitable shares.

This means that the distribution of the seized monies is determined by the percentage, of contribution made by each involved agency.

Guth says the funds will be deposited directly into the department’s drug fund. Money in the drug fund can only be used for education, undercover drug investigations and equipment.

No taxpayer dollars, he says, are put into the drug fund; it is completely comprised of seized drug monies.

“We’re making bad money good,” Guth states.


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