Water Department

Photo of water facet


The Water Department is a division of the Public Works Department, and operates, maintains and makes new installations to the system that delivers water to the City and three surrounding utility districts. The system is self-sufficient having its own water source and its own water treatment plant, with a capacity of 4 million gallons per day.


The water distribution system consists of 107 miles of water lines and four water tanks, and serves approximately 3,300 customers. Our licensed operators oversee the operation and maintenance of the system under the strict regulations of Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC).


The Water Department ensures that the citizens of Sparta will have safe drinking water and water for fire suppression, and is also responsible for the system being in compliance with TDECs regulations. The water treatment process is continuously monitored by the plant operators, and the water delivered through the system is tested on a daily basis by our licensed operators to ensure that we deliver high quality water to our customers.


Contact: Superintendent Greg O’Neal

Phone: 931-738 2281

Address: P.O. Box 468, 545 E. Bockman Way, Sparta TN 385831