History DVD

"Sparta on Parade: 1941-1963" was produced by James Cardwell, who managed the Oldham Theater from 1929 to 1977. Without realizing it, James and his wife Tillie were documenting part of the history of our community on film for the very first time.


The original film stock was preserved by Ross and Brenda Cardwell until the time it could be restored for the benefit of future generations. The Cardwell family shared this historical document during Sparta's 2000 millennium year celebration.


Funding for the restoration of "Sparta on Parade" was made possible by a special grant for historic preservation and with the generous assistance of the City of Sparta. Film restoration work for Sparta on Parade was by RGB Optical Inc., Burbank, Calif. Analog to DVD/Graphics was by Ted and Carl Day of Digi/Trax Audio & Video Production in Sparta.


Now you, too, can enjoy this special slice of Sparta's past. We're offering this three-DVD set, which features four hours of mid-century scenes from our community's schools, churches, factories, fairs and businesses, for $50.00. All proceeds from the sale of "Sparta on Parade" will be used to restore and preserve Sparta's historic Oldham Theater. 


To order, please send a request to spartainfo@citlink.net or call 931-836-3248.