Bluegrass Hall of Fame

Lester Flatt
In 1996, a bust of Lester Flatt was unveiled at Sparta City Hall. Flatt was a Sparta resident who gained international fame as a bluegrass music artist and writer. Along with sidekick Earl Scruggs, Lester was a member of Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Boys band that is credited with creating... read more
Benny Martin
As an artist Benny Martin was difficult to categorize. He was known as a virtuoso instrumentalist that happened to be a powerful songwriter that happened to have an entertainer's mind for performance. In Bluegrass Music circles he was known as perhaps the greatest fiddler ever, and he... read more
Bill Jones
Decorated World War II Veteran Joined The Charlie Scott Band along with Lester Flatt and Clyde Moody in the early 1940’s Played fiddle for Bill Monroe in the 1950’s Managed the “Doyle Promenaders” who performed regularly on the Grand Ole Opry in the... read more
John Henry Demps
Performed and promoted bluegrass and country music  with his family on WLAC in Nashville, TN in the 1950’s Opened “John Henry’s Music Barn” in the 1970’s to encourage local musicians and offer them a place to hone their craft. Performed for... read more
Blake Willams
Began performing bluegrass music professionally in 1971 Worked for two of the forefathers of Bluegrass Music (Lester Flatt & The Nashville Grass - 1979 and Bill Monroe & the Blue Grass Boys 1981-1991) Performed on the first bluegrass album to win a Grammy Award (Southern... read more
Josh Swift
International Bluegrass Music Association's Dobro Player of the Year - 2017 Member and Band Leader of Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver since 2007 Multiple Awards Nominations including two GRAMMY® nominations in 2016 & 2017 for his work with Doyle Lawson &... read more