Hello, everyone.

Welcome to Sparta - 

Bluegrass, U.S.A.

        Mayor Jerry Lowery


We want to guide you on an online tour of our town and show you some of the sights, sounds and opportunities you can find here. We are proud of our community, from the beautiful nature to our award-winning hospital, friendly people, low housing cost and proximity to a variety of entertainment and cultural venues. 

Perhaps we are proudest of our strong musical heritage. Our community has been home to a long list of bluegrass artists -- Lester Flatt, Benny Martin, Blake Williams, John Henry Demps, Josh Swift and Jim Grainger. 

But that's not all we have in Sparta. Our city has been home not only to talented artists, but also renowned statesmen, war heroes, journalists and athletes. Many were born here. Others discovered Sparta later as an inviting spot to put down roots. 

Our civic, business and community leaders work hard to make our city inviting for residents, visitors, businesses and industries --anyone who wants to call Sparta "home." 

Whether you are a company searching for a new location, a retiree looking for a safe, quiet community, a tourist seeking fun and recreation, or a family in search of great schools and friendly people, Sparta has what you need. 

We invite you to come along and see what we have to offer. Welcome to Sparta -- or, as we like to call it -- Bluegrass, U.S.A.